Senin, 10 Desember 2007

Soya Milk Challenge Test - Update

Finally...Aqila is able to take soya milk without any reaction :) Alhamdulillah

After an initial dilemma, whether to continue the challenge test or put it on hold, I decided to consult the expert...Aqila's allergist ...via email. God bless her, for she was so kind and full of attention, she gave a word of encouragement and assurance that Aqila would be up to the challenge. And he did.

Since two days ago, Aqila had at least 200ml of Soya Milk per day, and there hasn't been any reaction at all.

Our plan is to continue and gradually increasing the amount of soya milk per day for this week. And perhaps next week we will start introducing soya product (such as tofu). But off course, we shall consult the plan with Aqila's allergist, and get an okay from her first.

This whole episode really boost my confidence and believe that Aqila's condition is really improving, that his body is slowly accepting and come to terms with certain food that he wasnt able to take previously. Yang penting sabar ...


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