Rabu, 12 Desember 2007

Let's get Creative

Whenever suddenly the artist inside you has got an inspiration to create something errr....artistic...just go ahead and do it! The time, the place, the tools are all secondary things. Afterall, you can get creative with just about anything...ya?

When you are in the mood to draw...then draw. When you are in the mood to bake cookies...by all means, bake, when you think the next song you write will be in the Ton Ten Billboard chart, go ahead write the song :)

My little king, out of sudden, had an inspiration to draw at 10.30pm last night! Your wish is our command. This kinda things I will do for you, sweetie.

So although I hardly able to keep my eyes open, still I tried to make comprehensible conversation with him (not that it matters, anyway), while he was fully engrossed with his drawing, obviously having the time of his life! Gakpapa nak, bunda rela kok.

Hasilnya...bagus kan?

(Shalat, by Aqila. Acrylic paint on paper. Tools: Icecream sticks)

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