Jumat, 07 Desember 2007

10 Indoor Activities for Young Children

Singapore is pretty wet this week. The rain seems to love this tiny island alot, it keeps pouring down its tiny...sometimes not so tiny droplets till we feel like we want to hibernate!

When it rains and you have young children at home...now, that is a real challenge for you. Why? Because your children will absolutely hate the ongoing rain, simply because they cant play outside. Not being able to play outside will make them restless, as children need to release their abundant energy somehow.

Jadi bagaimana? Ampun...ampun...

Thse past couple of days...has been a trying couple of days for me!

SO here it is, i list down all the possible indoor activities i can think of with the hope that next time i dont have to scratch my head until botak!

Suggested activities (for children 3-5 years old)

1. Bake cookies/ bread together. (My favorite activity!)
2. Make scrap book
3. Draw using ice cream sticks / chopsticks
4. Stamping different shapes objects (triangle/square/circle), cut out the pattern on cucumber/ carrot
5. Draw a picture story together and color it. You can make up your own story or adopt from popular children stories
6. Make pfoto frame/ greeting card decorated with beans (mung bean, adzuki, soya etc)
7. Draw your children's favorite animal/ objects (car, house, rocket, space ship) and decorate them with homemade confetti (small bits of colored papers tore off by hand)
8. Play 'bowling'. Use empty mineral water bottles and a medium sized ball
9. Learning math, scooping beans with spoon and fill up different size bottles/ containers
10. Guessing game. Collect and store different objects in a bag. Ask yor child put in his hand into the bag, and feel an object. Ask him to describe and/or guess what the object is.

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