Selasa, 22 Januari 2019

O Level Music

The last two weeks of previous school holiday was very tense, for Aqila and me. The boy suddenly expressed his desire to offer Music as one of his O level subjects. I was surprised that Aqila suddenly wished to pursue music, as all along he said music was just a hobby and something that should not be taken seriously . After much discussion and many questioning sessions, both Bunda and Ayah were there to support him all the way. I then spoke to his music teacher in school to find out how to go about doing it and that was when we learnt that the application to take up the O level music course had been closed.

So ... Following the advise of Aqila's music teacher, we wrote an appeal letter to MOE. Just explained the situation and told the truth. Oh...along with the letter we also attached Links to performances, scan copy of certificates and awards.

Alhamdulillah, Thank God, the MOE was willing to make an exception and took Aqila in to the programme. The officer who helped us go through the steps was very very encouraging and very supportive. It helped shed whatever doubts we had in mind regarding the course.

Dear Aqila, alot of people were more than willing to help you achieve your aspiration, your dream. Don't take it for granted. Study hard, study well. You owe this to them. 

Bismillah...of this is what you want...Insya Allah everything Will be fine. Seize the day. Chase your dreams.

Rabu, 21 November 2018


You, along with several other members of your school CCA were invited to join the SUTD Chinese Orchestra on their inaugural concert this November 2018.

This was one of so many proud moments for us as parents, Aqila. I said it again so you will know. Thank you for being the greatest gift to our lives.

Aqila, please, always be grateful of all opportunities given, of all  responsibilities taken. Be eager to learn from the experience. Be humble, be thankful. Someday, with God's willing and blessing, you will use and apply the skills and knowledge for the good of people. Amen.

Minggu, 07 Oktober 2018

In Medan!

Bunda's log

We went to Medan, North Sumatra for a weekend trip. Accompanying Ayah who was invited to give a public talk by Anabata. Ayah has been giving talks about design process in Architecture in Anabata series for the last three years. So usually, if the time coincide with your school holiday, we would tag along. This was the case.

The talk went well. You did your maiden Indonesian debut here! Played solo violin in front of 200 strong audience is a no joke. And you did well! So proud of you!

We stayed at Simalem resort, om the cliff of a mountain, overlooking Danau Toba for a night. Itu was really cold, with rain and strong wind the night we arrived. But the following morning was bright and beautiful. Bunda and ayah woke up early to catch sunrise. You slept soundly though...we couldn't even get into the room when we returned as you didn't wake up despite me knocking on the door, and calling your mobile! Haiti...

Rabu, 19 September 2018

Another milestone!

Today was a special day. Aqila went for his ARSM exam, new diploma level by ABRSM.

Update 20 November 2018

We received the result! A good distinction is awarded to the boy. Well done dear!