Jumat, 27 Juli 2007

Racial Harmony Day

On every 21st of July...Singapore celebrates its Racial Harmony DAy. It is a day when people of Singapore appreciate Singapore's racial cohesion. What usually happen in school across the island is that students and teachers go to school on that day dress up in their traditional customes. Besides that...on that day, there are a lot of fun activities, such as...short courses on how to cook traditional chinese, indian, malay foods, playing traditional games with friends and classmates, musical performance etc etc.

Last week....Aqila experienced his first racial harmony day. The school encouraged its students to come to school wearing customes from other ethnic groups. Interesting ...heh? So ayah brought home a set of very cute chinese traditional customes (complete with the hat with fake long braided hair) for Aqila.
The customes is sure cute...but whether Aqila will willingly wear them on 'D' day...is another thing.

Sure enough...it took alot of encouragement, sweet talk and diversion to get him wearing the customes! With a very loooong face, he slipped into them. But after a couple of minutes...he was back to his cheerful self!
And look how handsome he was on that day! :)

The history behind Singapore celebrating the Racial Harmony Day is less fun and far from friendly feeling we have towards our friends from other races nowadays. On 21 July 1964, there was a series of riots between Malay and Chinese communities in Singapore. So the racial harmony day is commemorated to mark the race riots and also to serve as a day of reflection and also a reminder of how important to have a harmony in multi-racial Singapore, much the same as in Indonesia ya?

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