Jumat, 14 Desember 2007

Crazy About It

Aqila is crazy about things associated with Fire Engine, Fire Station, Fire Fighter!

FInally, we made time to visit the Central Fire Station on Hill Street (once again) last week. This time we met ayah there, Aqila and bunda took a bus ride (which took a whole one hour journey!).

We had fun. Aqila cheekily tried the interactive exhibits on 2nd floor, asked his mummy to put on the protective jacket and lift-up the arms to get the water from hoses went splashing towards the mummy! Great show!

A small incident happened, Aqila insisted on us buying a new fire engine toy for him! Which definitely didnt get approval from us. Hey...he already has three fire engine toys at home! Luckily we managed to distract him (though I couldnt recall what we said at that time)
Fuihhh...that was close, and almost ruin our beautiful day!

Hai..hai...naik bis nih! Pull the plug, turn the hose

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