Kamis, 21 Juni 2007

First Taste....

Do you believe me if i told you that Aqila has never tasted ice cream?

Yes...it is again due to his allergy that he was not allowed to enjoy this magical treat. Most commercially sold Ice Cream contain soy lecithin, corn syrup, eggs, nuts etc. All of these are Aqila's enemy! So what do I do?

I...made our own homemade Ice Cream! Yup....I, who is not a good cook, can actually made delicious ice cream which Aqila loves....so much. Of course the recipe is not my own. I managed to get this incredibly easy-to-make ice cream from one of my allergy books. The great thing about this recipe is because it needs only bare minimum ingredients! Perfect. All i need is patience ...as it took a night to freeze, mix and freeze again several times.

All the hard work really paid off...when I see my little King's eyes twinkled and sparkled as he savoured the delicate texture of the ice cream. Enjoy my darling....

If you wish to find out about the recipe, you may click THIS

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