Jumat, 22 Juni 2007


It's been almost a month since Aqila started his gluten free diet. SO he's been fasting from eating bread, pasta all foods from wheat flour and it's family. So far so good. Actually...his skin condition has improved tremendously. There is almost no traces of eczema on his skin, especially around elbows, back of the knees, neck area, and nappy area. His skin is now soft, smooth and moist. Because of that...Aqila scratches less...and he becomes a happier and not so fussy child.

I will still have to prove my deduction that Aqila has wheat intolerance or allergy to gluten. We will find out next month when we see the allergy specialist. But I am almost sure he suffers from either one of them.

So....What is gluten? What is gluten free diet? What happen to the people with this condition if they ate wheat/food that contained gluten?

Gluten is the type of protein found in wheat and it's family (oats, barley, rye etc). A lot of people in the world are wheat intolerant or allergy to gluten without them knowing it. Basically these people cant digest food that contain gluten protein...as the result, they usually experience on and off bloatness diarrhea, headache, fatique, among others. In children, if this condition is not detected, it can stunt growth, because the gluten damage the digestive system. The small intestine can not absorb the much needed nutrient from the food ...therefore children (under three) usually dont grow well.

No wonder Aqila is small...and cranky. He also has pot belly and big appetite...but he seems not growing as much as he should be. Maybe....?

Now....by right, people who are seeking a preliminary diagnosis must consume gluten, otherwise the test will not detect the condition correctly. Duhh......I am having phobia in re-introducing gluten food to Aqila. Why? BEcause he will have his rashes back! And welcome sleepless nights! But....i guess I have no choice, have I? Sighh....

Let's do it next week. Go slowly...reintroduce small amount at a time.

BIsmillah...hopefully he is not allergic to gluten/ wheat.

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