Kamis, 21 Juni 2007

Aqila and House Pets (part 2)

Last Saturday, we went to Botanic Garden to have a morning stroll and also to meet up with Ayah's office buddies. I love going to Botanic Garden, it's a beautiful place where you can contemplate and ponder about your life. It is a very calming place...especially if you are a kind of person who like to be in nature. And here...you can shoot thousands of gorgeous pictures!

It was a windy and cloudy day, in fact it drizzled very early part of the morning. But then...since we were in a mood to explore and enjoy some greenery, we went on with our plan.

We reached Botanic Garden around 9.30am. Ayah's buddies were already there, along with their dogs! Two giant dogs who behaved well...but just couldnt stop wagging their tails! (later I found out that they are golden retrievers)

Dont get me wrong ...I love dogs, as my parents also owned several dogs once. But...I was concern about Aqila...and his super sensitive body! He is sensitive to cats' fur...and I was about to find out whether he had the same reaction to dogs' fur. Being Asian, we just couldnt spell out Aqila's condition to ayah's buddies thus, my hesitation to mingle with them. So out of courtesy...I forced myself (and Aqila) to get social and engaged in conversation with them.

Two hours later....so far so good. Nothing happened, I was beginning to feel relax. We even went for a good stroll around the pond.

Around noon, we went home. Aqila was fine. Reached home...he was very sleepy...and went to have a nap straight away.

Three hours later....Aqila woke up, was fussy and started scratching his body...and there it was. His eyes started to swell! Oh my God....another allergic reaction! I straight away gave him the antihistamine. I swore to myself for not taking the pain to give him a bath and changed his clothes before he took his nap. Now..it was too late. Worried sick...we brought Aqila to AnE KK Hospital, just to be cautious.

Dont worry he was okay after we gave him medicine, plus a doze of steriod syrup from the hospital...gradually he looked better. But my friends...we decided that it is time for us to see the allergy specialist again...to have thorough check up and tests to find out what other things causes allergic reaction to Aqila.
It will be a long process....i know, I 've been there, I still am. And I will be...for the sake of Aqila.

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