Senin, 25 Juni 2007

Back to School...everyday!

Today is Aqila's first day in regular class. Regular class is on Monday to Friday. He is in Explorer Class...afternoon session.

Was he nervous?'s more the mother who was nervous and worried that he might not be ready for the every day class. turned out so unexpectedly...never underestimate your children!

Today we reached school early, the morning sessions were not over yet. When we got there, the students from morning session were being assembled in the class hall, sitting on the floor, singing and reciting doas and surahs. It was a delightful sight...and Aqila agreed.

He rushed to the school glass door, pressed his face very closely to the glass to peek and find out what was happening inside! Talking about curiousity! He smiled and laughed gleefully watching other children singing. Aqila... what a cheerful boy you are!

So there I was...watching him going into his class eagerly. I stood outside the school door...with a mixed feeling. Happy because Aqila was such a brave child, sad as I realized he was not so dependent on me anymore, silly...because he will definitely need me less and less, sooner or later...and I know it but still trying to deny it.

Aqila darling...enjoy the school. It is a place for you to get lots of new friends. Dont worry about study and home work now...just have fun!

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