Selasa, 26 Juni 2007

Back to School...episode 2

Now...I dont normally write more than one post with the same topic...but I just got to write what happened on the evening of Aqila's first day in school.

In my previous post, I mentioned that Aqila had a very positive attitude towards school and studying, thank God!

Little did I know how excited he was about the new experience of going of school and having a lot of new friends....till evening time that day.

Aqila fell asleep on the way back home. He was still sound asleep when I tug him to bed when we reached home. I dared not change his school uniform to loose T-shirt. He woke up three hours later....refused to change his clothes, refused to take a bath. After much persuasion....we finally managed to pursuade him to bathe...but then after the bath he insisted on wearing the same uniform instead of pyjama! Alamak....what's this?

SO...maybe he was too excited about the idea of going to school. So excited, he wanted to linger with the exciting memory. Duuuhhh....Aqila oh Aqila. Ada-ada saja.

Only around 11pm then we were able to get his approval to change his uniform to pyjama. And that was also because it was bed time....

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