Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016

Vivaldi and Piazolla night.

An evening at Victoria Concert Hall watching SSO playing Vivaldi's famous Four Seasons and Piazolla's Four Seasons of Buenos Aires. On this evening we get to enjoy the Baroque's precise rhythm against 20th century's tango, European style against Latin American style. Both have light hearted moods and sombre moments too. The two are so different yet are equally stunning! An awesome evening we had indeed! 

Well, this is what i called fate. Years ago I bought four tickets of Vivaldi's four seasons concert, also  by SSO, for our family but I ended up passing the tickets to my sister n her family as Aqila was ill on the concert day. 

Then yesterday, Aqila's piano mate was down with fever and couldnt watch this performance. Tickets were bought and collected and all by his mom. So, we agreed to buy out the tickets instead, with reduced price as to not waste the seats. It turned out that this was a blessing. We didnt just get to enjoy Vivaldi's amazing concerto, but was also introduced and fascinated by Astor Piazolla's work. Piazolla's original four seasons is a piano concerto but the famous violinist Gidon Kremer commissioned Leonid Desyatnikov (himself is a violinist) to arrange the work for violin, and the result is stunning. Google both composers and the arranger and their work if you are keen to find out more :) 

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