Jumat, 04 Maret 2016

A Blind Date with Books

To encourage students to read more books and at the same time, exposing them to books of different genres, the school library had recently held an exciting event called: A blind date with books! 

In this event, a considerable amount of books had been selected by the librarian and the teacher in charge for the event and were wrapped in newspaper. They were then grouped according to the readers (P2-P6) and were displayed on long tables in the canteen for students to borrow. During school recess, each students were allowed to choose one 'mystery book'. They then unwrapped the book that the had chosen and brought it to the borrowing counter so that the librarian could take down their details. 

Some books selected were of Road Dahl, the horrible science/math/histories series, the Chronicles of Narnia, the classics stories and many more.

Inside each wrapped book, there was a token which students could bring to the school library, show it to the librarian and exchange it with a mystery reward. I do not know what the mystery reward was though :)

How was the repond from the students? It was fabulous! The students absolutely loved the idea of borrowing a mystery book! This event was a huge success! 

For lower primary students (P1-2) there was a drawing and colouring activity. It was also a hit among these sweet young kids, judging from how busy the parent volunteers were distributing drawing papers and colour pencils  :) 

The school plan to hold this activity once a month and I believe the PSGs, parent support group members, will definitely be more than happy to lend their helping hands again when the event arrives :)  

Kudos to the organizer, it was a meaningful and fun event for everyone! 

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