Selasa, 22 Desember 2015

11 today

The boy had his 11th birthday on a boat, cruising Singapore's sea to Lazarus Island. 

The yacht belongs to his dad's company. We thought oh well lets do something different for this year's birthday. There were five guests, all were dad's colleagues. It was a potluck party though, as everybody brought something along for us to enjoy. We brought a tumpeng and some homemade cinnamon rolls, prepared and baked by Aqila and bunda. 

We sang happy birthday, with guitar accompaniment by uncle Rennan, the engineer of the yacht. Followed by blowing candles on a tumpeng, a yellow rice cone-shaped dish. It took some times to lit the candles because of the wind. Haha

On Lazarus island, playing on the clean beach. Lovely...but was pretty hot as well as it was noon! 

Enjoying the sunset. 
The boat was still berthed on the island. 

The entertainment in the evening. 
Aqila's way of saying thank you to those who came to celebrate his birthday :) 

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