Kamis, 16 April 2015


The school, with the help of parent volunteers, has been holding board games days these past week as part of their English Fiesta week. We encourage students to try and experience the fun of playing board games such as scrabbles, upwords and boggle. I realized then, that not all kids are exposed to these kind of games, simply because boardgames can be quite costly. It costs around 30-40 dollars to own a board game. Not cheap eh. So, Aqila...you are so blessed as you have all these games at home for you to play whenever you want to.

Aqila, I was so happy to be able to help introduce these games to your classmates. I had fun playing  :) and I know you did too.

And of course... the fun continues at home. 

One piece of advice from me, do settle all your assignments and homework before begging us (Ayah and Bunda) to play boardgames with you! Aiyoooh...study hard first, then we play hard :P

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