Minggu, 16 November 2014

School holiday series: Hop On To The Bus

We kicked start the school break by attending an SMRT Fair at Bukit Batok Interchange. It is an outreach programme to create awareness about the company to the public as well as a venue for job/career fair for various position in SMRT. We did not go there for the job.

Three SMRT latest additions to their bus fleet were parked next to the bus terminal for member of public to have a closer look. There were helpful SMRT staff to assist and answer endless queries by these super excited visitors, who were mostly boys :-P

We went there for the buses, of course. 

Many bus enthusiasts, mostly boys, were there to see this bus, Enviro 500 type, up close. You were one of them and you got so excited when it was your turn to be behind the wheel :-P 

They patiently queued up for the ultimate ride of the day :)

Bus Simulator, the most popular booth at the event.

Aqila, driving his bus along the streets of Singapore...during the bus simulator ride.

What a day...you went home happy n contented :)

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