Sabtu, 13 September 2014

September School Break 2014

Snapshots of your activity this week:

Trying out ice-skating with Harsha and Prisha and Bulik Mita. 
It was so much fun you have been asking me to go again and again ever since the trip.

We watched a recital by More Than Music: Play! at Recital Studio, Esplanade. Loh Jun Hong (violin), Gabriel Ng (violin) and Abigail Sin (piano) really entertained and mesmerized the audience with their performances. Well-known pieces by Bach (partita no 1 in B minor), Kreisler (liebeslied) as well as Monti (Szardas) and Sarasate (Zigeunerweisen) were wonderfully presented by the trio. What an evening to remember. Hope you get inspired by them!

Eyang Toeti was in Singapore during this school break, what a perfect timing! 

We squeezed our creative juice in building lego ships that float best. It is all in the design of the air pocket, which I totally had forgotten about it! No wonder my ship sank miserably! Hahaha....

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