Rabu, 24 September 2014

Current favourites

Enjoying warm apple compote with bread for breakfast

It is hard for mummies to serve nutritious and delicious food to their children on daily basis, it is especially hard if the children suffer from food allergies. It is rather impossible maybe, to do that if the children themselves are picky eaters, like Aqila. Hehehe...bunda is being lebay :P

Luckily, you love fruits. So...here are your current favourites:
- warm fruit compote, any fruits from banana, blueberry, strawberry, apple, peach serve with bread.
- steamed-bread with butter and fruit compote, again!  :P
- fruits milkshake (because lately you do not like the taste of milk alone)
-fruits with yoghurt
- avocado, mango, orange, blueberry, watermelon combined with some greens juice
- fresh cut fruits like watermelon, the melons, dragon fruits, mango, rose apple, sugar apple (srikaya)...apa aja deh. 

Sometimes...i create an odd combo, with whatever fruits and vegetables that I can find in the fridge. Sometimes I toss in a 'secret' ingredient, like some greens, but I do not tell you about it. It does not matter how weird the combo sounds as long as you accept it and gulp it down hehe.

So Aqila, when you have grown up, I hope you will understand my daily challenge as a mum to a picky eater kid. And hopefully...you would not face the same problem with your own kids :)
Steamed bread ala mummy :P

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