Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

Making Own Time Table

New school year has started. Aqila is in primary 4 now, how time flies. He has tonnes of activities - violin lesson, chinese tuition, swimming lesson, madrasah, and yet he still wish to add that with other activities!

We admire his endless curiousity and high-spirit attitude but we also need to be realistic, that too many activities will not be beneficial for Aqila and that it will definitely bring up stress to his manager aka mommy. A time-keeper is not an easy job lah.

After much discussion, we decided to pull him out from chinese enrichment class. The reason is because the enrichment school based their lessons on higher mother tongue, which is not what Aqila is learning at school. His school teaches normal mother-tongue. Higher mother tongue is only offered to selected students. However, we asked his tutor to come over and help him with his chinese more often. Aqila is more comfortable with his tutor, a bubbly university student who regards Aqila as her little brother. We hope he will learn more in a relax and comfortable setting, our home, with a customized lessons to help him in different areas of the language as and when is required.

We unfortunately had to turn down his request to join ceramic club at school, at least until mid term so that he will have more time to adjust to P4 life :)

This was also what the coordinator teacher of the ceramic club suggested me, as Aqila at the moment is still heavily involved in school string ensemble in perparing their pieces for the Singapore Youth Festival which will be held in April. They are once again participating in the festival and are practicing very hard for the performance.

Despite all this, we cannot say no to piano lesson :-P as he has been showing us great interest in learning the instrument and has been begging us to go for a piano lesson. At the beginning, we casted doubt to the seriousness of his plea but after constant naggings and playing tunes endlessly by himself, we gave in. Anyways, I think knowing how to play violin and piano will be good for him. These instruments complement each other nicely. Hopefully it will enhance his sensitity and musicality. And therefore, he started his private piano lesson last week. Let us see how it goes ya?

So here he was in the picture...busy charting his schedule. This way, he knew that he is indeed a busy boy, however, he can still play hard as well as work hard, provided that he does not procrastinate a lot :)

We will review the time table in a month or so, and tweak it if necessary. Until then, lets stick to the schedule, right Aqila?

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