Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

Preparing for another challenge

ABRSM exam result is out! You are a few points shy from getting a Distinction and we are so proud of you! Not bad for a first timer who went straight to grade 5. Well done Aqila!

Enough celebration, now let's get ready for your next exciting challenge.

You, my dear, are going to participate in The National Violin Competition, in junior category (12 years and below). The competition is a biennial program endorsed by the National Art Council of Singapore.

Now... the purpose of joining this competition is for you to gain exposure and experience of performing solo in a real concert hall, in front of real audience. In this event you will get a chance to meet many good players and you definitely can learn a lot from them. This really is a rare opportunity and you should thank your violin teacher for his trust and support.

Aqila, you only have less than four months to prepare your pieces. Whilst we are not aiming for winning or anything close to that :) as an artist, you have a responsibility to perform well for your audience. So please, do manage your time well between practice, study and play and other activities. We know you can do it Aqila :)

- Dyah on mobileblogging

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