Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013

Eid-Lebaran 2013 / 1434 H

Aqila, these are snippets from our previous "mudik" or balik kampong to Jakarta to celebrate Hari Raya.

More pictures may be added later on.

Listening to sermon before performing Shalat Eid. This is what we love from celebrating Hari Raya in hometown :)

Bubaran...after the shalat we said hello and asked forgiveness from our friends, neighbours and most importantly, our family.

Hmmm...what are you doing Aqila?

Hehe...you are busy fixing the mosquito net before we go to bed. It is a ritual in this mosquito infested area like Oma's place thanks to the got/longkang and the lush plants and densed kampong-style settlement in Jakarta.

Ayah fell ill during our stay in Jakarta. Flu stomach or food poisoning? Am not sure which one it was but he had fever, joints pain, stomach pain and headache. I was busy taking care of him so you had to take care of yourself, and you did that so well. I am proud of you :-D

With cousins Bagus, Bagas and Izza at eyang's house. Playing international hangman quiz with the help from the adults. :-D

Collision waiting to happens!

Geee...its heavy traffic here!

So happy to be able to ride "expensive car" at Giant hypermart near EyangTi's house. It costs only ten thousand rupiahs for a 15 minute ride! Such unbelievable rate compared to what we have to pay here in Singapore! Its SGD 2-5 for 5 minute ride.

Pemudik nonton berita tentang arus balik ke ibukota :-P. Watching news about people returing back to their cities after celebrating Hari Raya in their hometown. The flow of people returning back to their cities is always huge in Indonesia, and it needs careful management or otherwise it will cause chaos.

When is the boarding time???!!! Going back to Xinjiapo in an evening flight.

We were on a A330-200 model airplane. It is a new plane and it has got some cool features such as power chargers for handphones, laptop etc that we never saw on other airplanes (from the same airlines nor different flight carriers). Watched GI Joe and The Emperor movie back and forth. Really confusing to do that hehe

Reached Changi airport at around 10pm

Waiting to get our luggage. And then went straight to the taxi stand as it was very late and you need to go to school the following morning.

However, look at the queue! Apparently, everyone else decided to return back to Singapore from their mudik or long weekend holiday at the same time! We had to queue for nearly 30minutes to get our taxi!

But in overall we always love our trip to Jakarta for Hari Raya. The atmosphere is always different. We hear takbir everywhere, you even learn to recite it subconciously! Thank you Oma Opa friends and family for having us, till we meet again, Insha Allah.

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