Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

I challenge you!

Checkmate! Ayah : 1 Aqila : 0 (photo by Ayah)
Somebody is into the game of chess nowadays. He is still playing without much strategy, but he is learning hehehe. He read his Starting Chess book many times over, go online to Youtube to watch chess tutorial, read biographies of famous world chess players etc...etc... He said he wants to challenge his cousin, Nathan who is also into this brain exercise game.

As it happened again...initially I did not pay much attention to your request to buy you that Starting Chess book, Aqila. I thought it was just one of your many 'one moment of curiousness' about things around you. Usually, you will get bored and forget about the stuff as soon as you understand what it was. Only after you explained to me that you wished to read the book because you wanted to challenge Ayah in this game, then I realized that you mean business :)

Okay...so there are rooks, knights, bishops and pawns of course...

Checkmate ... again! Ayah wins again (photo by Aqila)
So far, we have lost count on how many times Aqila was beaten by his dad and I hehe. It is okay Aqila, your time to make it even will come! Just continue playing and learning and enjoying the journey :)
I dont care if I loose again, I just want to play!  :P

Okay...who wants to play with me? 

This was when the fascination started, with Lego Chess that his dad bought for him a couple of years ago.

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