Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

It all comes down to practice

Aqila was in his element yesterday. You were in full concentration mode on the whole one hour lesson yesterday.
It was pretty much like a master class lesson yesterday. Playing together with the teacher while getting inputs and corrections on style, mood and technique.

Aqila, you followed every single instructions and orders without complain. Very different from whenever you were practising with me >.< Oh well i guess you know who the expert is here :-P
I purposely sat outside the room during the lesson, away from you so you could be yourself. You were very mature and independent, I was so surprised, and very proud of you. But the moment you saw me after lesson, you were back to your mushy and clingy self again, alamak! Back to my baby again :P

About the new piece. Your teacher said that he will teach you section by section, in slower tempo first. And we will see how it works.
Aqila, I have briefly studied the score and my conclusion is, and i hope i am right, that the challenging part of this piece in the tempo. You really have to have fast and powerful bowing movement with perfect pitch to play this piece well. At the beginning, you will feel sore, pegel. Strengthen your wrist muscle. Build up your stamina. I am sure you can do it :-D

Remember: Talent is nothing without hard work.

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