Senin, 11 Maret 2013

First Lesson

We have restarted our swimming lesson! Yaaay!

Swimming in a deep pool on first lesson? Ouch...mommy had a butterfly stomache knowing this. Thank goodness...all kids behaved well and listened to their instructor intently. Fiuuuh...

Peer pressure really works on you...

Your "anyhow style" after one session of swimming lesson! Haha least you had the courage to try, unlike last time. Well done boy!

Swimming is a survival skill. It is important for everyone to learn and to know how to swim, especially during emergency. The MOE Singapore also recognises this and we share similar sentiment on this matter. So we make a point to register our son to a swimming class after several failed attempts of teaching him by ourselves.

For those who are wondering about the details of such courses in Singapore, you will find abundance info in internet, but heres the summary.

Basic level class for kids usually start around 70-80dlr/month, for once a week lesson, one hour long each. Number of kids per session 8-10pax. For example of program details, you may click here. 

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