Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

Something to ponder about...


You may find this movie funny and silly now...but watch this again several years from now, or when you are 18 years old. Perhaps, you might have a different view by then.

Life is not just good grades and good education. Good moral values, good characters are things that what will shape you as human, to be humane.

Believe in God. Believe that there is a mighty force beyond our capabilities. Always ask His help, always seek forgiveness and pray to him. Always remember Him especially when you are surrounded by happiness.

Be strong, physically and mentally. Strong enough to defend not just yourself but also your family, friends and your country.  

Be courages, do good, believe in what you do, and stick with it, even though it means you have to go against the tide. 

Be compassionate. Be sensitive. Be humble. Have feelings for others and help those who are less fortunate, in any way you can. Put others' need before yours, always. 

Give more, and you will receive more. 


I know these sound pretty boring to you. But once in a while, it is good to be reminded. Promise me you will read this note again and again from time to time. 

Have fun growing up son :-)

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