Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

I'm a big boy now!

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Aqila is learning to go home from school by himself using public bus. I do not know where he gets this urge, but he has been begging us to give him permission to do it.

I feel very uneasy about the whole idea but my logic tells me that you are absolutely capable of doing it. On the other side, my heart just can't seem to let you go home alone. Should we just wait till you are bigger, older? After all, you just turned 8 last month!

However, seeing how proud you were coming out of the bus just now... i think we have made a good decision, ya Aqila?

You are a big boy now! Mom is sooo proud of you :-)

Oops...i forgot to 'tap out'! hahaha....
From My Blog Photos
The proud boy :)
From My Blog Photos
It is quite a short distance to go from our home to his school and vice versa, just around 7 bus stops away. is still such a big achievement by my Aqila! 

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