Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Haircut the Old Skool Way

At Hassan Barber

The boys went to Hassan Barber at Hougang to have their hair cut, the old skool way :-)

At Hassan Barber

Nowadays people want to do things fast, with instant result. 

Well, it is nice to go slow and enjoy the process some times...

The boys in the house like to go to this barber to have their hair cut. It usually takes at least half an hour to get the haircut done, from waiting for their turn to getting their hair done. Most times they need to spend an hour or so to go to this barber. If they choose to go to "QuickCut" barbers, with their modern appliances and fancy shop, the boys will only need to wait for approximately 15 minutes, in non-peak hour ya. However...the process is done super fast, without any interaction between the stylist with the customer, which to us...add value to the whole experience.

So...if you have time...go to traditional barber like the Hassan :-)

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