Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

Eyang's Birthday!

Eyang turned 76 lastweek!

We celebrated her big day over a Nasi Kuning Tumpeng and homemade Orange-choco chips cupcakes with buttercream and strawberry toppings.

Aqila, you are so blessed to have a very smart and beautiful Eyang and an ever so resourceful handy-woman! She can fix almost anything!!! And i am not kidding :-)

We wish Eyang good health and abundant happiness. May Allah SWT always takes care of you, protect you from  and guide you in his path, Eyang. Amin.

(Photo was taken by Bulik Mita)

Blowing candles with grandchildren! More wishes to come true :-) 

There was a live performances as well! Welldone kids for putting up a great entertainment for us!

The video is uploaded with the permission from bulik Mita :-) Thank you so much :-)

This card is from Eyang Tuti. We totally agree with the message :-)

Oh, we had a face-time session with Eyang Tuti as well. So hopefully she could feel the celebration we were having for her sister :-)

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