Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

Clean Up Clean Up

Start to understand your responsibility son! Your room is always so messy, do help me clean and tidy it up!

Many parents just do not have the heart to ask their young children to start helping out in housechores early. I do not have this problem. However...

My problem is that I just can not stand the result of my son's work. Aqila loves to help out around the house but as typical young children they lack the quality result compared to adults, of couse. So it is me who always feel that instead of helping, Aqila is troubling me from doing my housechores. Sigh....

I guess i have to exercise patience and restraint from taking over his work.

Barney said:
Clean up clean up
Everybody cleans up!

Yup...we all must do.
Must practice ...
And start young too :-)

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