Rabu, 05 September 2007

We're Jammin!

This is just one example of what the children, Aqila his cousins Harsha and Prisha do when they have play date.
The had a play date yesterday. An impromptu one, as we didnt plan it. It just so happened that Harsha and Prisha suddenly had the urge to see their Eyang Ti and play with Aqila. Oh..well....they are always welcome.

Since it was an unplanned date...it was a bit chaotic .... in terms of activities for them.
I think we played bit of win loose or draw game, a bit of arranging pictures and tell stories, pretend banana boating...

Now...as usual, after the date, these children were exhausted. Aqila fell asleep around 7pm. Slept all through till 2.30am and then.....he was fully awake! And...demanded his mom to play with him. I could only accompany him play till around 6am...and then ... I just dozed off...for an hour only.... since i had to see ayah off who has business trip today!

Luckily...it is school holiday this week! Could not imagine how hectic it would have been should I had to teach (another luck...the classes were postponed this week) and Aqila has his school going. Waaaa......gak kebayang. I felt like a zombie this morning....and only regained most of my conciousness in the afternoon!

Huhu....so much huha for a playdate yaaaa

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