Sabtu, 08 September 2007

Curious Creatures

Children are one group of seriously curious creatures. There is definitely some truths in my statement, otherwise how would you explain the fact that your children (in my case..toddler) seem to always chase you with their endless questions? Or that they seem to always end up in some silly (at least to us) accidents? Or how they are so fascinated by simple things in life/nature such as raindrops splashing/running upwards on the car windows of a moving car or to see a flock of birds chirping around some leftover bread, or.... to watch a group of ants marching to and fro from some leftover cookies.

The latter was what Aqila saw couple of days ago. To boost and encourage his curiosity, I gave him a magnifying glass...and...the rest was a very entertaining moment for me!

Above is the picture of our young scientist to be!

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