Minggu, 05 Agustus 2007

What usually happen...during the night

The pic is not related to the story. just feel like to put this sweet pic in the post :)

It is 3.10am in the morning as I am writing this post. Yes it is correct. I am still wide awake, cause an hour ago Aqila had another series of rashes.

It is almost like a routine (albeit an unpleasant one) for Aqila to have his night sleep interrupted because of his allergies. If he had eaten/ taken anything that can cause allergies on that day, usually it will only become apparent during night time. Like today...and this past week. He woke up an hour ago, started scratching his back, his botoom, his elbows, his chest, his ....pardon my language, genital area. When I checked, i found that the skin on all these areas were very dry and of course .... there were evidents of eczema flared up.

I suspect it is because of his cough medicine from the doctor. I think the sugar (sweetener) in the cough mixture caused the rashes. It might be corn syrup, fructose (wheat base) or God knows what else they put in hte cough mixture. A big dilemma...indeed. On one hand, we really wish Aqila to get well soon, to overcome his cough. On the other hand....kok rashesnya keluar semua?

All the suspision aside, what to do when Aqila wakes up because of the rashes?

I had to somehow lessen the itchiness, tried to comfort him, soothe him and calmed him, helped him to patted (not scratched) the sore and itchy areas. MOst of the times I had to remove his nappy so I can pat and soothe the itchy area with soft towel. Occasionally, I will get him drink the antihistamine syrup to counterattack the allergy reaction, and to help his sleep better.

The whole experience really was hard on both of us, on him for having to suffer the sore and itchiness and also interrupted sleep. For me too...of course, as sometimes I feel really tired...and too sleepy to wake up and comfort him and change his nappy and put the rashes cream and so on and so forth. From the moment he woke up because of the rash till the time he went back to sleep, it can take up to an hour or even an hour and a half!

No wonder...the following morning he usually wakes up feeling fussy and grumpy and tired!

The best thing to do to avoid this incident happen too often is to :
1. avoid giving him new foods/drinks or anything that might cause allergy reaction near bedtime or evening time.
2. if you suspect he had eaten something that might cause allergy reaction, give antihistamine imediately.
3. put another layer of lotion (generously) all over the body before bedtime as to give extra moisture to the skin. This will keep the skin from becoming too dry especially if the child sleep in an aircon room.

Well...theoritically is possible, but there are alot of other external factors that can deviate you from the routine above. Example, you may simply forget to do no3, or your child really hates the feeling of lotion on his body or your child suddenly feel sleepy and fall asleep beore you have time to give medicine etc etc.


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