Minggu, 12 Agustus 2007

Training Completed...

Aqila can finally say goodbye to Nappy!

This past week I have been observing him, and I am quite sure that Aqila now can safely wear underwear without any 'accidents'. But to be sure...for the next couple of weeks or so he will still have to wear nappy whenever we go out just in case...and as precaution. :)

Tapi....I am sooooo soooo happy with the result of the on-and-off training we put Aqila into. Soalnya...it was definitely not a consistent training. The parents (read: bunda)sometimes (or most of the times?) were too lazy to mop the floor...whenever there was 'leaked', or to keep asking Aqila whether it's time to visit the toilet again, or to change the underwear and the pants whenever they got wet...so we chose to put a nappy on Aqila instead. Males yaaaa....

Anyway...am quite pleased with the result. Although it took more than a month to complete the training. Now...both mom and son can proudly say...training is completed! hehehehe

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