Selasa, 09 Februari 2016

How we spent the eve of CNY

Sunday, 7 February 2016, its the eve of Chinese New Year...and we spent the evening at the A & E department at KKHospital :-/ 

This boy has been having bad runny nose and cough since Friday. He was given medication and inhalers but apparently, he was exhausted with all thw activities on the last couple of days. 

Early Sunday evening, the boy complained that he had chest pain and difficulty breathing, and i could hear him wheezing, despite being given more ventolin puffs. So off we rushed him to the hospital. 

After 3 cycles of intensive salbutamol and atrovent puffs plus two reviews by the doctor, he finally was discharged around midnite. Aqila is still under close observation for the next two week. No school for this week. Oh dear...

Aqila, get well soon. I pray that you will  become stronger and stronger by the  day and will not fall sick too easily. I love you. Take care of yourself too. 

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