Rabu, 28 Oktober 2015


Late post again. Well that's okay i suppose, it is the content that is important :)

Aqila mentioned about going karaoke-ing this evening, and thats why i reminded myself to post something about it. Btw, we are on Batam island now. Stranded in one of obscure small hotels there. Ayah has a office team activity there, and we just tag along. The hotel we are staying has a karaoke lounge and thats why the ah boy asked to go for a session upon learning this.

Yes, Aqila loves karaoke-ing. It started from a singing assignment by his violin teacher. Aqila needed to learn proper breathing technique, similar to singing, in order to improve his violin playing.
His dad was more than happy to bring Aqila to have a karaoke session. The dad himself loves singing too, and if he could go back in time i think he would want to be a professional singer, aiyooh! So off we went to a family friendly karaoke lounge in Singapore.  

The duo was hilariously ackward yet wonderful at the same time. They sang western and chinese tunes, to their heart out. As for me, i contributed my lovely voice here and there as and when needed 😬

We have since bought a karaoke set and now we can have a karaoke session anytime at home! 

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