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LEBARAN 2014 - 1435H DI JAKARTA part 2 :What we did in Jakarta

It was a very short trip, this previous Lebaran Mudik, only from four days in total. There was not much we could do during this four days, but we tried to make the most of it :) Here is the recap. 

1. Taking Bajaj Ride. It was a must do ya, Qil? Since you enjoy taking the ride so much :) It was just a short distance travel from pasar Cempaka Putih to Oma's place but it was fun. Blue bajajs are not as noisy as the orange ones ya? hehehe

Here is the video of our ride...

2. Ayah and Bunda did a last minute Lebaran shopping, to get new clothes for ayah and Opa, and a peci for ayah as we forgot to pack the one we have into the luggage. Haaa... 
So we went to Depok Mall (?) just opposite Margonda City, along Margonda Road. So sorry...I forgot the name of the building hehe. I managed to take this interesting video from the carpark area of the building, overlooking the UI, my almamater and the train station near University. Btw, UI stands for University of Indonesia ya Qil.

I once took the train from the university all the way to Mangga Dua Jakarta,  just do some shopping for our studio project. Well...that was just an excuse as my real reason was to experience the fun of taking a train ride with my best buddies hehe.

3. Jalan Margonda, which is the main entry and exit road to Depok from Jakarta is sooo congested now! There have been so many changes all these years, it was so different from the time when I was still in uni, well it was more than 15 years ago anyway hehe. There are many makan places along the road, several shopping centres are situated there as well. So many people and motorcycles and cars plying the road daily. The road itself has not gone through much improvement in terms of additional lanes and length of the road, thus...traffic jam is an everyday thing in Depok. While our patience were tested in this crawling traffic, this street musician made the experience less painful :P 
Do you know the piece he was playing? I give you a clue...its a Mozart [the answer is written all the way down in this post] 

4. There is always something you look forward to when visiting Uyut in Kranji Bekasi. Uyut is ayah's grandma. She is 85 years old now, hardly can hear clearly so you must speak loudly next to her ear to be heard, but her mind is still sharp and clear. 

This is one of the fun part of visiting kampung Kranji Bekasi, playing football with kampung kids :) looks like the adult was into the match too!

5. First time visiting Eyang's new house, after the renovation was done. I wanted to help Eyang to unpack and settle some stuff, however due to time constraint, I could barely do anything to the pilling of unsorted boxes in the storeroom. Oh dear... sorry mom. Promise to do it on our next visit ya. 
But I found this treasure... :) a tea set belonging to my grandparents. It was their wedding gift back in 1934! Such precious find indeed. We now keep the set in the kitchen cabinet. You can check it out on your next trip to eyang's house ya.

6. Bought these Oncom and Petai for two friends back in Singapore! My friend who asked for oncom is currently expecting a child whereas the other one is...well just craving for the food hehehe.

7. We bought fire works at Uyut's place however we did not have a chance to light it up on that evening. We were scheduled to return to Singapore the following day, thus die die we must light the fireworks now! In broad day light hahaha! Here is a picture of you enjoying the session of fireworks party with your cousins mas Bagas, mas Bagus and dik Izza.

Okay...the end of part 2. I will pen down our experience in Jakarta in part 3. 

As promised, here is the answer to the trivia above: Its Turkish March by WA Mozart. 

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