Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

The Performers' Festival

Another milestone for your music making journey Aqila! You participated in this event in not just one but two categories: solo violin and string quartet.

For solo violin you played Vivaldi's 3rd movement from Spring "la primavera" concerto and Spanisher Tanz by Moritz Mozskowski, both are your favourite pieces.

The venue was at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS. It was the same venue as the National Piano and Violin Competition that you also participated in last year.

This two-yearly festival was held by the Singapore Music Teacher Association for the purpose of creating a venue for music students to showcase their talent and gain experience to perform live before audience thus at the same time getting constructive critiques from professional and qualified adjudicators. Wonderful opportunity! Many participants came from Indonesia too!

You should thank your violin teacher for introducing you to this event as well as encouraging and coaching you throughout the process. It was a hardwork preparing you for the event as one of the solo pieces was a new piece for you. Getting the piece memorized and playing it well was not an easy job but you did so well on that day, i am sooo proud of you Aqila!

Here you are posing in front of the conservatory with Grace (cello), Anisha (viola) and Jia Rui (violin). All of you are members of your school string ensemble. It was an interesting mix: one Korean, two Indonesian and one Singaporean player.

You were the last group to perform on that day. Most of the groups are of teen-age players, except for one of similar age player to you. It definitely put smiles on everyone face when such young players took the stage with such confident stride and how refreshing and heart-warming it was to see them enjoyed making music together!

The quartet played three pieces: Moonlight Tango by Richard Meyer, Intermezzo Sinfonico by and Amadeus! by Mozart. I must say i was very impressed with your group performance! It was so smooth and delicate where it should be for the first two pieces and such lively and full of energy ending on third piece! Bravo guys!

As your mom, i could not help but feeling blessed having such a talented boy as you are. Allah has been very kind to me. Continue to grow and make use of God-given talent for good purposes Aqila. Jangan malas berlatih yah Nak, itu ibadah juga :)

Below is a picture taken by ayah, of you guys having a quick warm-up prior to go on stage.

Everyone made time to see you guys perform! Even Eyang did!

On a sideline, ayah's car had a punctured tyre on our way to the conservatory. A truck driver waiting for the same traffi light alerted us of the condition, just before we about to turn into AYE expressway.

We were panic but we did not stop as the car could still move just fine, however everyone was silently praying that we will reach the venue without in time.

We did reached YSTCM safely, alhamdulillah. But the tyre was completely flat by then. While we rushed up to the orchestra hall where the event was held, ayah was busy calling the mechanic.
Thanks to the mechanics we get the flat tyre replaced in no time.

So where do we go from here? Well i think we should continue to participate in similar events as it is very beneficial to your music growth but above all you should enjoy the whole process, learn as much as you can from the experience and continue to love what you are doing so well. Ayah and I will always support you!

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