Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

Make Music and Be Happy

Here's the story, just to refresh your memory. You asked us to send you for piano lessons. We were initially quite hesitant to go ahead with the idea as you had and still have a very busy schedule with school, CCA, swimming, music lessons and religious lessons, but you were very persistent, so we relented but only after we were convinced that you understood what came with all these activities. You definitely will feel tired...but hopefully feel happy too :)

Well...that was four months ago. Here we are now and you seem to be enjoying your journey. Ms Kee turns out to be a wonderful piano teacher, who understands your ability and has always been very encouraging. Keep up the good work ya Nak, rajin berlatih dan sabar :)

In this video, you are playing "In the Hall of the Mountain King" - Edvard Grieg, a piece from Faber book: Fun Time Classics series. Do you know that you were already very familiar with the tune even before learning to play this piece? That was because you always watched Little Einstein TV series for kids when you were a toddler. That series integrated classical instruments and famous classical pieces into their story, which I found very interesting. Here's a link to one of the episode from the series just in case you don't remember.

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