Jumat, 06 Juni 2014

Friday Prayer

Our plan today was to meet ayah for lunch and to attend Friday Prayer at Sultan Mosque.

Lunch first at the Pariaman Nasi Padang. Ordered the Ikan bakar and begedil and cucumber pickles for me and a rice for you to eat with homemade abon ayam.

The place was very crowded and hot and humid. The food was good though abit too salty for me.

We dont usually order cold drink but today was an exception. Iced tea and iced lime were the preferred beverages for today.

Came across two rusty "flying pigeons" on the way to the mosque!

Could not resist to take a quick snap of them. They were so cute, talking quietly to each other while their moms were listening to the sermon.

After Friday prayer...crossing the road to go back to the car in a hurry as it was going to rain!

So that was why the weather was so hot and humid today!

Ayah dropped us off at Funan, as per your request, although I was worried that the rain would become worse.

And i was right. We were almost stranded at Funan and City Hall area if it was not because of the yellow "Banana"

Yes...the Banana was the name of our umbrella :-P

Went home feeling hungry (again) and sleepy. Oh no...I still have to cook dinner first hehehe.

All in all...a happy day for all of us :-D

- Dyah on mobileblogging

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