Senin, 01 Januari 2001

Exams week...

... is almost over! Two more subjects! Chinese tomorrow and then science on Friday and then we will be free to play all day hehe!

Chill chill...keep your chill...and i am talking to you mommas out there!

What do we do to keep us (both the kids and their parents of course) calm during the exam period?

Well...Aqila keeps doing his daily run, to prepare him for the Napfa test nextweek, and a dose of free play at the playground to keep the him contented and happy :) a potent potion in managing the stress.

He still practices the piano and violin. I think it helps calm his mind too.

Share us your secret in going through the exam period in relatively calm way, please! :)

Here is a funny poster about school exams period from, a site for humour uniquely Singapore. I am glad that Aqila is unlike any of the students depicting below, well at least until now hehe.

(Dyah on mobileblogging while nursing her runny nose and pounding headache)

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