Minggu, 22 September 2013

Thank You and Good Bye

Aqila, you broke your violin. Your precious violin :-(

It happened a couple of weeks ago but I did not have the heart to talk about it then. Too much heartache.

It happened during the school ensemble practice. To keep the story short, you were being playful with other kids, lost your balance and then fell off the chair...onto your violin.

Sad...sad...so sad knowing this. And your next performance is in December.

Luck was on your side though Aqila as tante Liana, out of nowhere happened to have a violin! And it is size 3/4! Your size to be! What a coincidence. Dont ask me why she keeps a violin when all of us know that she doesnt play the musical instrument. Thats for you to ask her personally and for you to thank her. If it were not because of her, you have no violin to use for practice now!

Do learnt to take good care of your stuff from this incident. Appreciate the things that you have by making sure it is properly maintained, properly kept. Be grateful with what you have and always be thankful to Allah for your talent and promise us that you will practice hard. By the way, never ever let this incident happen again ya?

For now, use the violin from tante Liana. Take extra good care of it. We hope soon Ayah and Bunda will have enough money to buy you a new violin. You my dear, will also need to 'work' to pay part of the price tag. It is only fair, ya?

- Dyah on mobileblogging

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