Selasa, 20 Agustus 2013

Player Piano: Spanish Dance

Aqila, I found this on Youtube! Moszkowski: Spanischer Tanz (Spanish Dance) Op 12, No 2 score in a form of a piano roll. A piano roll is like a special sheet of music score prepared for a player piano, a form of piano that can produced music without a player playing it, a very popular piece of machine during late 19th Century till early 20th Century.  The sheet has perforations which represent musical notes. THe sheet is then put in a rotating tracks.The perforations on the music sheet trigger the piano to produce sound, thus we hear music coming out of the piano. What a genius invention wasn't it?

Check the link provided to find out about what a player piano and a piano roll are.e
Here is the video on How a player piano is made.

In the meantime...enjoy the music! :)

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