Selasa, 07 Mei 2013

Safe Sweets for my Sweet

These sweets are safe for my 'sweet' aka kiddo Aqila. They are gluten free, corn syrup free, peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, fat free and no flavour enhancer, no artificial dyes. It is stated that these sweets are made from pure organic fruits juice.

Some of you might find this posting odd or a bit exagerated but if you know how difficult it is to find sweets that is safe for my Aqila to enjoy without getting allergy reaction, then you will pardon my kiasuness here.

I am just glad that such products exist. It is a godsend for kids with multiple food allergies.

Btw, I found these products at Cold Storage Supermarket Compasspoint Mall. Please take note that not all cold storage supermarkets stock them. The one at Vivocity certainly doesnt have Yummy Earth product but it does carry all Natural Surf Sweet jelly beans and gummy.

- Dyah on mobileblogging

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