Senin, 18 Maret 2013

What's on at Jendela

It is the first day of school holiday. We went to Jendela gallery at the Esplanade to enjoy the exhibition.

It is called The Stage: Alive in Motion, by three Yogyakarta-based Indonesian artists: Octo Cornelius, Iwan Efendi and Doni Maulistya.

The installation is made up of various everyday materials, bamboo, woods, pipes, some gambang (gamelan) bars, violin bows and strings and a tabla :)

The artists invite audience to come forward and try to create sound or music out of their arts. It is a very hands-on installation, and audience, especially kids will definitely enjoy manipulating them :)

Unfortunately, some exhibits are quite delicate and not so sturdy, resulting malfunction. What a pity.

The exhibition is on till 31 March 2013, if you are interested to check it out :) The admission is free.

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