Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

CNY 2013 - River Hongbao

Backdated post.

We had a long weekend this previous Chinese New Year Holiday, four days!
Oh my...how did we spend the time?

Well...it rained almost non-stop on those days so outdoor activities were out of our itinerary.

We did go to River Hongbao though, despite the drizzle :) thank God nobody fell ill afterthat.

What is River Hongbao?
Well it is somekind of carnaval or somesort, with stalls selling various things from foods and drinks to emulets from China and many more.

There are also various rides and games for kids and adults.

So as you have predicted, we concentrated our visit to Uncle Ringo's carnaval (aka circus), because of you Aqila :-P

You tried several games. You got lucky in sharp-shooting one and received a rudal balloon gift as a reward :-P eeeuw...it is kinda lame ya? Hehehe
Does not matter, you were already exhilirated anyways

Taking a ride on super mini ferris-wheel :) double happiness from the look of you :)

Activities that are not in the pictures were the Boom-boom car race with ayah, also the electric-cars race as well as the boat ride.

Oh well...everyone went home happy :)

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