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First Day of School Year 2013

Welcome, P1 students!

Our kids are going back to school! Yaaaay!
Well, this might as well be the thought of many moms and dads in Singapore!

Learning to say the pledge

After one and a half month long school holiday, i am sure many of us are eager to send our kids back to school so we can have a little 'me' time, especially for mothers like me. I mean...we do love our kids, but quiet me-time is near impossible for us homemaker. Kids would rather have the house untidy but mom plays with them than the other way around!

First day in school. Kids welcome their first day in school in different ways. My son for example, was so excited to go back to school because he is now in the morning session. (His school will only go to single-session next year)

"So I get to wake up early, and come home early, and have more time to play before bedtime!" said Aqila. Yeah...right :-P

However, a Primary 6 student whom I met during my recess-duty at my son's school dreaded the fact that she has to see her friends again. "Boys are so immature. I hate seeing them again!" she complained. Aaah...so its the boys and girls thing then. Deja vu eh? Somehow i dont blame her :-D

Parents were allowed to enter the hall so that they can see their kids on the first day. 

Anyways...for parent volunteers like myself, first week of new school year is a busy week. All parent volunteers are called in to help out in welcoming and assisting P1 students and their parents.

First day to go to a big school for these ex-Kindergarten students must be quite overwhelming. Some were crying, begging their parents to come along with them to the main hall. Some were all smiles and instantly made friends with other kids.

Notes to parents: please rest assured that your kids are in good hands. Dont worry too much. The teachers, their buddies and parent volunteers are there to help them to adjust to the new environment.  Oh ... and please dont let your kids bring so many stuff to school. I saw some parents passed three different plastic bags to their tiny kid (perhaps one of them contain snacks but how about the rest of them?) on top of the school bag. Waaah... how in the world their kid is going to carry all those! :)

Now, goes back to Aqila.
First day he was overjoyed! 
"Woow i am P3 now, and my lessons are conducted in the morning!" that must have been what he had in mind. THe euphoria last till after school. At home after school, he polished his school shoes to keep them shiny!

Aqila,  still in euphoria! So happy to go back to school!

Today was the second day.
Mom woke him up around 6.20am (school starts at 7.5am) and he cried and cried and cried saying that he was still sleepy! Alamak! LOL...reality sinks in :)

And how about tomorrow? We will find out soon!

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