Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Painting Session

Aqila loves to draw but he does not particularly like to use colours. I think it is because he is more of a compulsive artist, he draws whatever comes to his mind at that time....and be done with it. He does not dwell with his drawings long thus he cares nothing when it comes to paying attention to details on the drawings or beautify and put the finishing touch to them.


Aqila has always been a child with short attention span. Typical of children with this issue, he can not concentrate on a subject for too long, always has a lot of things in his mind at the same time (thus...difficulty to concentrate on the subject in hands), can not sit still for too long, and often misses the important details of a task he needs to do.

So i take this painting session as a learning session...a fun activity for him to learn to concentrate and finish the task in hands. So far so good.

The ship has reached the dry land :-)

This painting session has been quite successful so far. Let's add variety, perhaps next time we make origami sculptures. Making origami practice our patience and attention to process. In the past, folding papers neatly was kinda frustating task for him! Well...let's see whether he has shown improvement in this area.
'Pirates of the Caribbean' theme


This was done many years ago, i think when he was in K1 or K2

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