Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

Happy 8th Birthday!

Image by tante Marriana.

Image by tante Marriana

Thank you so much tante Mar, for these gorgeous photos!

You are eight! How time flies! 
I still remember going to the hospital to give birth to you one Saturday morning, after a very late night chat with eyang Toeti who had just arrived from the US. Actually, my water broke the night before, but I did not realised it, thinking that it was just the normal activity of you inside my tummy! Silly me! Oh..btw, Eyang Toeti came to Spore to personally welcome you, who were scheduled to arrive in a week's time.
Well...but you decided to say hello to the world a week earlier than what the doctor and we had planned. As the result, your doctor was still on holiday that Saturday morning! Hurrah! And another doctor had to take care of me ...and you! Oh la la! Great!

Anyways, having you is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. I may be strict I may be firm, but I do all those out of love. I am also warm and I am loving...of course it is because I adore you :-)
Happy 8th Birthday my dear. 
I pray that you will grow up to become a fine young man who is honest, independent, able to defend yourself and be a man of honour. A young man who is full of love, caring and protect those who are weak and less fortunate. 
May Allah SWT always guide you in his path. Amen.

Here are some highlights of the party! 

Games! Nothing else is better than games for them!  hehe

Simon says....till Simon doesnt have anything to say! hahaha

One of the game involved drawing / planning our town.

The ABG girls were busy with their own drawing hehehe....

Just prepare crayons and papers, and kids will start doodling in no time :-)

 Mas Harsha pointing to his art.

The complete TOWN PLAN. 

The adults were having a feast :-)

Some of the adults helped themselves with boardgame :-)

Otak-otak, siomay and pempek and homemade serabi were a hit

Bulik Mita memang TOP! You managed to get these super shy kids to draw! Woooow! Salute!

Tumpeng nasi kuning lengkap, ayam goreng, rendang.
Tante Dina brought fruits, and tante Deasy brought delicious fruit salad! Tante Eja brought mini pizzas and Bulik Mita brought lemper and bunda made Serabi! All Yum yum

Some of mom and dad's good friends  who came on that day :-)

Click this link if you want to see all pictures ya! 

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