Senin, 19 November 2012

Go see Tintin at the Museum


This is a later post Aqila...which means the story that I wrote for you here happened some time back. Well actually about a year back hehe. Sorry ...better late than never.

During the previous long school holiday you and your cousins together went to the Philatelic Museum in ... to see The Adventure of Tintin Exhibition. You guys were great fans of Tintin and Snowy so we were so happy when we heard the news that there was a special exhibition about your hero at this Museum :-)

Picture from Wikipedia.

The exhibits showed Georges Remi aka Herge's early work, his sketches and his storyboards. We now knew that he took really care of his storyline...doing his thorough research on the facts that he used as the base of his stories. A wonderful n genius man!

Tintin was a very famous reporter in Europe. Belgium, France and the Netherlands issued stamps series about Tintin. We saw pretty and interesting stamps featuring Tintin from these countries!

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photographs, so no photos of the exhibits here. Sorry.


Checking another temporary exhibit anout Elephant.

This is from the permanent exhibit depicting life in Singapore in the olden days.

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