Sabtu, 03 November 2012

Experience is the best teacher

Sound check
Doing Sound check at the Republic Poly Cultural Centre

Early this year, Aqila and his friends in School String Ensemble participated in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), in String Ensemble category. The competition is held every two-year and is open to all Primary schools in Singapore.


This was the first time their school participated in this 'huge' competition. I said huge because I learned later on how serious all the participating schools treated this competition. This is the place where schools showcase their talent, and boy...what amazing talents these kids have!  The competition was organized in a very professional manner and the seriousness of this competition instantly felt by whoever attended the performance on that day. From the combination of the judges to the place this competition was held (Republic Polytechnic Concert Hall), all summed up the importance of this competition for the participating schools.

Untitled Aqila's school did not get any award this time round but I think it is all right. It is what they have accomplished during the preparation that really matters. They learned team-work and discipline ooh...believe me, to get to this competition they had to put hard work and strict discipline! They also learned to listen to each other, literally and metaphorically, which was not easy as children tend to think only about themselves :-)

These kids are very talented indeed :-)
Despite his young age (he was only 7 years old, in Primary 1, when he joined the ensemble) he was able to cooperate and work together with his ensemble-mates who are all older than him. I am soooo proud of you Aqila!

Experience is the best teacher, i am sure these kids have learned so much during the whole process. I am just thankful Aqila was one of them :-)

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